Where it all revolves around electricity.


Electricity generation, transmission, transformation and distribution are in the focus of our several decades of design, implementation and maintenance experience.


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The best of partners in technological development. We offer the most innovative solutions to our clients in the fields of electricity, automation and information technology. Building on the strong network of our units, our success lies in serving our customers’ needs economically.



With today's global energy sector undergoing constant change, Omexom works with its clients in delivering on the promises of the energy transition.

Omexom’s expertise in the field of power grids allows us to anticipate the impact of renewable energies. We then work to develop storage solutions, make smarter infrastructures and meet new consumption trends. 

Omexom' solution targets those who produce, transform and transport electricity, including local authorities.

As a system integrator, Omexom always and only selects the options best suited for each need, remaining totally independent when it comes to integrating technological options.

 Omexom is a VINCI Energies brand . 



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