Where it all revolves around electricity.


Electricity generation, transmission, transformation and distribution are in the focus of our several decades of design, implementation and maintenance experience.


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Into the future together

The best of partners in technological development. We offer the most innovative solutions to our clients in the fields of electricity, automation and information technology. Building on the strong network of our units, our success lies in serving our customers’ needs economically.


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Who are we?

Omexom is an international brand of Vinci Energies Group, comprising the group’s expertise in the fields of energy generation, energy transmission, transformation and distribution.

A network of decentralised offices stand behind the Omexom brand, which implement the visions of existing and future clients independently or jointly.


Törökbálint centre

Tel: +36 (23) 501 100

Fax: +36 (23) 501 125




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