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Telecommunication cable grids

We deliver and install turnkey copper or optical cable connections and connection equipment. We also ensure completion of works related to installing telecommunication networks, be it building construction, cable laying and assembly or planning works.

As a general contractor, our portfolio of services covers the following areas:


  • Distribution planning
  • Licensing procedure for building construction
  • Reconciliation with other public utilities
  • Direction of building construction works
  • Cabling works for copper, broadband, optic fibre and FIST technologies
  • Cable laying, pulling and blowing
  • Installation of end connections
  • Construction of switching centres
  • Measurements
  • Preparation of documentation.


The optical cable installation technology comprises creation and distribution of connections and splicings besides cable laying works. Besides bit error measurements, we undertake resistance, insulation and shielding continuity measurements for copper cables and OTDR and damped AC voltage (DAC) testing of optical cables, as required.

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