Lighting technology

Our company offers a central site for local governments and public, spatial and facility lighting projects for communication and client-tailored assistance accompanying the project.

Installation, maintenance and operation of lighting systems is carried out by a team specialised on lighting tasks, who also continually refresh their professional knowledge at regularly held training courses.


All business units of the Omexom network ensure all necessary human and technical resources for its clients to design and implement the right solutions.


Our services include the following areas:


  • Implementation and modernisation consultancy
  • Stock assessment light technology stock assessment and analysis
  • Development of lighting concepts
  • Energy efficiency and cost optimisation
  • Design, dimensioning and licensing of New lighting systems
  • Implementation of lighting systems, delivery, professional installation and commissioning of pylons, supports and armatures
  • Lighting technological controlling measurements following implementation
  • Design of lighting control systems
  • Maintenance, operation and troubleshooting of lighting systems
  • Nondestructive structural pylon analysis with lifetime guarantee. 

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Törökbálint centre

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