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Photovoltaic panels

Thanks to the Omexom network, we possess the knowledge base that is needed to build systems of this type.

From smaller 3 kWp equipment fitted on ridge roofs through 200 kWp systems on flat roofs to 640 kWp power levels installed individually. According to the customer’s desire, we can deliver turnkey island operated photovoltaic panel equipment as well as systems synchronised with the distribution grid of the electricity provider.


Photovoltaic plants, as any other equipment, require precise and detailed planning in order for it to operate efficiently for a long time. We use computer-assisted intelligent calculation methods for the various tasks, to determine the optimal solutions for the sake of profitability and reliability. The arrangements can be varied according to locations and unique restrictions and conditions, which significantly influence the final design of the equipment.


Our wide range of services begin with the structural analysis of the planned building, followed by that of the existing energy system, to make it fit the existing systems aesthetically and technically as good as possible. Our team of highly skilled professionals are available for assembly and commissioning, hence turnkey photovoltaic panel power system solutions also being included in our portfolio of power systems.

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