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Emergency power supply

In our lives, an often essential requisite is to have a safe supply of power even when an operational disorder occurs, meaning it is indispensable to supply emergency feed-in for the basic power supply systems of various facilities. This may be constructed centrally or in a distributed manner.

According to your requirements and the built-in network image, the concept of the equipment to be installed and the necessary capacities are calculated. We therefore singlehandedly offer systems absolutely compliant with the corresponding standards and regulations, from planning through installation to commissioning.


We implement emergency power feed-in connections from conventional systems to special complex cases, that make the required power available to the customer in spite of the interferences coming from the external grid.


An uninterruptible power supply implemented with the help of an emergency feed-in connection shall ensure power supply and continuity of work for a long time. It is important to have the full system in optimal coherence, avoiding for example the grid reactions. We therefore recommend the complete solution from one hand, including all components to create a harmonised system.

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