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High voltage equipment and substations

Substations - The key connection points of electricity distribution.

One of our areas showing the most dynamic growth, capable of executing the most complex of tasks.

Our services in this area include consultancy, planning, assembly, renovation, maintenance and documentation. Based on our decade-long experience, we offer our services from the simplest of constituent tasks to turnkey projects, according to the needs of the customer in each case.


Our service areas:


  • Professional consultancy
  • Full scope planning and project organisation in the field of primary and secondary technologies
  • Execution of required civil works
  • Equipment foundation, including those of transformers and portals
  • Access road and drainage construction
  • Planning, construction and demolition of the control building as part of turnkey projects
  • Delivery and assembly of all required steel structures
  • Delivery of primary equipment
  • Delivery and installation of conventional or digital protection and control engineering systems
  • cable laying regardless of assembly type
  • Construction of earthing system
  • Delivery and installation of auxiliary equipment (spatial lighting, safety technology  etc.)
  • Compilation of switching plan, digital documentation (AutoCAD, OmegaCAD)
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance, operation and renovation 

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