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High voltage cable grids

Omexom delivers and installs all types and cross sections of high voltage cables for green field investments, in inner city, industrial plants and industrial surroundings

Within the portfolio of our turnkey solutions, we offer the following services to our partners:


  • Professional consultancy
  • Planning and licensing
  • Tractive force calculation
  • Digital plan and implementation documentation
  • Civil works mechanised and manual technologies, road and public utility crossings by pipe ramming or directional drilling
  • Cable laying in trench, pipe and on supporting structures
  • Installation and supervision of earthing mesh and lightning protection
  • Material transport, cable drum transport
  • Installation of cable accessories (straight, through and cross-bond joints, conventional outdoor and indoor plug-in terminations)
  • Supervision of equipment
  • Maintenance and checking
  • Standby for and elimination of operational disorders
  • Fully equipped cable measurement vehicle staffed with skilled professionals
  • High-voltage cable diagnostics with OWTS HV 150 measurement system


Our service portfolio also includes demolition and removal of pylons and transformer stations. For properly laying high voltage cables, we use powerful and reliable cable pusher machines, rollers etc. to serve our clients. Naturally, for reconstruction works, equipment and obsolete grids are demolished professionally and with precise documentation, and the materials are then treated and professionally disposed of according to our environment management system operated by our company and audited according to the ISO 14001 standard. In close cooperation with our suppliers, we continuously train our personnel to familiarise themselves with the most advanced technologies.

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