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Cable measurement and diagnostics

Tools and equipment used in the electricity industry are well known to be of high value and key importance. The safe construction and operation of these equipment is of paramount importance in today’s liberalised energy market.

Meeting the above criteria is only possible, if comprehensive and extensive information is available on our equipment. Our company has built up for this purpose the most advanced stock of instruments available in the Hungarian market, as a result of which we offer high-precision measurement services for our existing and future clientele among operators as well as contractors. Our aim is to provide expert assistance, based on the assessment of the current state of the equipment, that may serve to corroborate the necessary interventions technically and economically, reducing the risk associated to deciding on the investment. Our measurement services:


1. High voltage cable grids (Cable diagnostics)


•  partial discharge measurement IEC 60270

•  dielectric loss measurement tan δ

•  jacket inspection as per MSZ EN 60229


2. Medium voltage cable grids  I Cable diagnostics


•  partial discharge measurement IEC 60270

•  dielectric loss measurement tan δ

•  jacket inspection as per MSZ 13207

•  insulation resistance measurement as per MSZ 13207  II. Cable defect location

•  complex defect localisation

•  trace location and pegging

•  insulation resistance measurement MSZ 13207

•  cable jacket examination MSZ 13207

•  voltage test 3*80 kV; DC/0.1 Hz


3. Substation equipment


• high current resistance measurement Partial discharge and dielectric loss inspection on high voltage cable grids using OWTS HV 150 equipment (uniquely in Hungary, and one of the few in Europe), check of the medium voltage using the OWTS M 60 equipment.

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