Omexom Magyarország Kft. Omexom Magyarország Kft. 3nd Omexom - Partner Tennis Competition 27 05 2017 00:00 <p>120 adults and 30 children participated in this year's tennis competition, which for the first time was held in the Svábhegy Civic Club.</p> Délmagyarország - Rotary Advent 12 12 2016 00:00 <p>The Rotary Clubs of Szeged together with Lapcom Media Foundation and Délmagyarország Foundation organised this year's advent calendar in Szeged, at Klauzál square.</p> What's the field? 27 10 2016 00:00 <p>Omexom Hungary Ltd. participated in the event series entitled "What's the field?" organized by the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association.</p> XIII. Railway Electrification Conference 13 10 2016 00:00 <p>Four people represented Omexom Hungary Ltd. at the Railway Electrification Conference in Harkány.</p> 63rd Annual Conference and Exhibition 17 09 2016 00:00 <p>63rd Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association.</p> <p>The biggest event of the Hungarian electrical industry was sponsored by EDF DÉMÁSZ Zrt. this year.</p> National Orienteering Championship 12 09 2016 00:00 <p>The Orienteering Club of Gyöngyös and the Dornyay Sports Association of Salgótarján organized a national orienteering championship in Gyöngyös and Mátrafüred on September 10, 2016.</p> 2nd Omexom Family Day 12 09 2016 00:00 <p>The second Omexom Family Day was held at the Lázár Horse Park. Omexom Hungary Ltd.'s employees and their families spent together a pleasantly sporty day in lovely surroundings.</p> ÉMÁSZ - ELMŰ Sports Days 10 07 2016 00:00 <p>OMAXOM Hungary Ltd. organized the 53rd ÉMÁSZ-ELMŰ Sport Days in Gyöngyös on July 9-10, 2016. The competition was held at the Károly Róbert College Sports Center.</p> 1st Omexom Technikforum 28 06 2016 00:00 <p>Nearly 200 prominent partners and customers participated in the first Omexom Technical Forum in Frankfurt, focusing on the new challenges of energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption.</p> 2nd Omexom - Partner Tennis Competition 04 06 2016 00:00 <p>OMEXOM Hungary Ltd. organized the 2nd Omexom - Partner Tennis Competition in June.</p> 15 years of Omexom - Birthday event series 22 04 2016 12:00 <p><span style="font-family: 'Vinci Sans';"> </span></p> <p>Omexom celebrated its fifteenth birthday in the fifteenth week of 2016.</p> 100 years of GA - Ceremony at the founding venue 18 02 2016 00:00 <p>Appropriately the 100th anniversary of GA's existence was celebrated at the founding venue.</p> Omexom - Partner Tennis Tournament 17 08 2015 00:00 <p>Building on the traditions of GA Magyarország Kft., OMEXOM Magyarország Kft, established on 17 October 2014 announced in 2015 the first Omexom - Partner Tennis Tournament.</p> E.ON prize for Omexom Magyarország Kft. 12 03 2015 00:00 <p>Omexom Magyarország Kft. continued down the path GA Magyarország Kft. has started. </p> Omexom advent charity 05 01 2015 00:00 <p>This year’s advent again saw EDF DÉMÁSZ’s central building turn into an advent calendar. The Szent-Györgyi Albert Rotary Club and Rotary Club Szeged Dóm, together with the Csongrád County’s daily paper, Délmagyarország organised Délmagyarország – Rotary Advent jointly.</p> E.ON prize for Omexom Magyarország Kft. 17 03 2014 00:00 <p>Omexom Magyarország Kft. continued down the path GA Magyarország Kft. has started.</p> Power for the magic cubes 22 08 2013 00:00 <p>In the spring of 2013, GA Magyarország Kft. was commissioned to build the entire connection point LEGO’s new factory planned at Nyíregyháza (Hungary).</p> EDF DÉMÁSZ Rotary Advent 14 12 2012 00:00 <p>In this year’s advent, the joint charity actions of Rotary and DÉMÁSZ supports a family, foundation or association, in which GA Magyarország Kft. also participated.</p> Change of the ownership structure 15 11 2012 00:00 <p>The sale of the Power Supply Technology (EVT) branch of Alpiq Anlagentechnik GmbH to VINCI Energies Deutschland GmbH has been concluded.</p> Ygen Human Resource Centre 12 11 2012 00:00 <p>ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ and GA Magyarország Kft. sponsored the Ygen Human Resource Centre programme by the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, helping young job seekers.</p>