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Technical history documentary

2012 Lattice tower competition

The technical history documentary made this year is by no means conventional for a number of reasons.

Technical history documentary

On the one hand, we did not announce a film tender this year - as heralded earlier at the 58th roving conference - and on the on the other hand, we intended to commemorate a building which physically no longer exists and a tender for students in relation to the film was also announced. An interesting feature of the history of Baja’s electricity supply were a pair of posts constructed from wooden posts, standing 42 m tall at the banks of the Danube, serving as supporting pillars for the structure spanning the Danube for the 35 kV line. The interesting building, the particularly difficult conditions of its construction and the fact that it can no longed be seen, have all contributed to the modelling tender announced to the pupils of the primary and secondary educational institutions of the city of Baja. The winner of the competition was the Visual Club of the Public education institution and Children's home of Baja. For easy shaping and colouring, they made their 1:100 scale model of paper.


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