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Short documentaries on technical history

Competition for preparing a shooting script for short documentary films on technical history

Respecting the traditions of its mother company, going back more than 90 years as well as the great achievers and achievements of Hungarian electrical engineering technology, GA Magyarország Kft. announced a competition to the professional public of the Hungarian electricity industry.

Short documentaries on technical history

In close co-operation with the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE), supporting its mission, we feel it our duty to take part in actively preserving the values of the past. As a result of this, the presentation of the documentaries about the Gibárt and Felsődobsza hydroelectric power stations, produced on order by GA Magyarország Kft. took place during the 54th Roving conference and Exhibition of the MEE held at Club Tihany on August 22-24, 2007. The GA Magyarország Kft. intends to continue supporting the documentation and preservation of the values of our industrial history, hence its announcement for the documentary on the relics of Hungarian electricity industry. The deadline for submitting the works for the competition was October 31, 2007, the worthy subject facility suitable was chosen by the end of November.


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