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59th Roving conference of the Hungarian Electrotec

The Hungarian Electrotechnical Association organised between 5 - 7 September 2012 its 59th roving conference in Budapest.

59th Roving conference of the Hungarian Electrotec

The main sponsor of the this year’s event was Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt.


The organisers this year focused on electric cars and the integration of renewable energy into electricity systems.




The success of selecting these topics is indicated by the fact that the crème de la crème of the Association attended to report on all these topics mean in the world of electrical engineering and energy science and their industrial backgrounds.


GA Magyarország Kft. was not only represented at the conference as an exhibitor but as a presenter as well.


Keeping with the traditions, the documentary on technological history, prepared with GA Magyarország Kft.’s contribution, was shown on the closing day. As we had reported las year, we had been sought with a number of ideas in spite of the documentary competition being terminated.Therefore, not by means of a tender, but as a voluntary recommendation for the fist time this year, the theme of ‘The history of Baja’s electrification and the 35 kV overspan’ has been selected.


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