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New work equipment at GA Magyarország Kft.

For the quality performance of GA Magyarország Kft.’s complex services, continuous maintenance and development of quality tools and equipment are indispensable.

New work equipment at GA Magyarország Kft.

Driven by these aims, the decision to procure a vehicle that can be used in a number of specialty areas, able to function in any circumstance to perform the broad range of services offered by GA Magyarország Kft. covering all elements of low, medium and high voltage overhead line or cable grids, be it construction, maintenance or elimination of operational disorders. It is important for us to get to the location of a potential operational disorder, often without even a proper access route. The all-wheel-drive system of the MB Unimog U500 with differential locking system will be very helpful in this, as will be the self-rescue winch at the front of the vehicle and the tyre pressure regulation option available from the vehicle cabin. The Palfinger PK 290002 D Performance crane mounted on the vehicle has a load moment of 23.8 tm, its boom structure is made of 5 hydraulic extensions with an overall boom extension of 16.4 m, capable of lifting 1,500 kg in end position. It is interesting to note that never before in Hungary has a crane of this dimension and load capacity been fitted to an Unimog U5000 vehicle. The superstructure tilting to three sides can carry all necessary supplementary equipment that may be connected to the crane. These are the lifting basket for two persons, the drilling heads and hoisting accessories. For a summary, it can be said that the vehicle’s compact size, outstanding all wheel drive system and the crane’s impressive lifting capacity and high payload with the detachable basket and boring unit result in a multi-purpose vehicle that is a perfect substitute for a number of purpose-dedicated machines, saving time and energy.


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