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Medium voltage and high voltage cable measurement

and diagnostics

As a definitive element of complex technological development, GA Magyarország Kft. has taken a very important technological step to extend the experience gained in the field of cable grids to date.

Medium voltage and high voltage cable measurement

Following planning and implementation, the assets in the service portfolio made the range complete in the areas of operation and maintenance as well. The OWTS® HV 150 measuring instrument and system, capable of providing services absent from our service portfolio until now, such as pylon-assembly control measurements and diagnostics on the fly, must be highlighted. The OWTS® HV 150 equipment is able to perform 150 kV peak voltage testing, with a basic sinusoidal signal of frequency between 20-300 Hz set out in 2004 by the IEC 60840 standard, making it suitable in the domestic practice (for 76/132 kV) along the constructed cable line for voltage testing at 1.4 U and to test and confine partial discharges. The cable measurement and diagnostics elements of the development programme: Centryx cable defect locating system Medium voltage OWTS cable measurement and diagnostics    system High voltage OWTS® HV 150 cable measurement    diagnostics system Cables are examined in de-energised state. In the course of the measurement, partial discharge according to MSZ EN 60270: 2001 (IEC 60270:2000) was examined, with the additional exact determination of their locations, and the general extent of deterioration of the cable insulation was deduced from the change of the tan δ value as a function of the voltage. Find more information about our full range of cable measurement and diagnostic services here.


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