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Power for the magic cubes

In the spring of 2013, GA Magyarország Kft. was commissioned to build the entire connection point LEGO’s new factory planned at Nyíregyháza (Hungary).

Power for the magic cubes

The project includes a 132/22 kV substation, including all building construction work, and the delivery, installation and commissioning of a high/medium voltage transformer, all related high and medium voltage switching equipment and the corresponding control engineering and protective equipment.



The foundation stone was laid on 19 April 2013 at the new factory site. The foundation stone was very appropriately a time capsule, in the shape of a large LEGO cube. The Hungarian Prime Minister, Denmark's Ambassador to Hungary as well as LEGO’s management were present at the laying of the foundation stone, along with other functionaries of the economy. The value of GA Magyarország Kft.’s contract exceeds EUR 2.6 million.


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