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The 8th International Conference on Insulated Power Cables was held between 19 - 23 June, 2011 in Versailles, France.


Under the aegis of JICABLE, the event held every 4 years has grown into the most ranked international reunion. The aim of the international meeting is to provide the opportunity to exchange experience among experts of various fields of the industry, from low voltage cable grids through high voltage cable grids to extra high voltage transmission cable grids, regarding their research, construction, operation and diagnostic aspects. The JICABLE 2011 conference was housed in the impressive complex of the Palais des Congres de Versailles. Zoltán Ádám Tamus represented the Budapest University of Technology and Economics at this international muster, while Róbert Egyed represented GA Magyarország Kft. At the symposium, our on-site experiences gained in the field of cable diagnostics were presented on posters. We’d like to direct attention to our poster to be introduced at the event and the topic’s other related materials, available by clicking on the pictures above. If you have any questions or observations concerning the topic, we are more than happy to assist you further.


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