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High voltage cable diagnostics in Spain

In the fall of 2011 we received a request from Spain to diagnose 2 units of 36/66 kV HEPRZ-1 type 1,000 metre long high voltage underground cables and to perform their voltage testing in the city of Logroño.

High voltage cable diagnostics in Spain

The inspection site was 2,500 km from our site. A peculiar feature of the test was that it concerned an overhead cable connection, meaning that the test cable of the OWTS HV 150 equipment had to be connected from the measurement side to the vertical cable end caps on both sides of the pylon, one after the other. In order to reach the uppermost end cap, a 15 metre measuring tube was used. The tests were successfully carried out on 14 - 15 December 2011, to the satisfaction of our commissioner, Electrificaciones Riojanas S.A. (ERISA), and indirectly IBERDROLA. To localise partial discharges, the so-called TDR® method was used, and the high-sensitivity interference filtration system built into the device for filtering out the base interference was successfully applied. The interesting part of the measurement is that the test was also a pilot project, in the course of which two high voltage underground cables belonging to the supply area of IBERDROLA (nearly one third of Spain) were diagnosed and voltage tested using the OWTS method. These complex tests have allowed us gain lots of experiences along with our customers. The demonstrative nature of the measurement also provided the opportunity for interested parties (developers, operators, etc.) to be present at the test and observe in person the practical application of the partial discharge test with damped AC voltage (DAC) and the voltage test.


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