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High Voltage Cable Club – 3rd meeting

It was a great honour for the domestic firm of Omexom Hungary Ltd. to have the possibility of organizing the 3rd meeting of the High Voltage Cable Club in Budapest.

High Voltage Cable Club – 3rd meeting

Within the frames of the club – that can be considered as a conference as well – the experts dealing with high voltage cable networks in the international Omexom group usually meet for getting information about the activities to be carried out on this field in each other’s countries providing this way the possibility to recognize the synergies and making the best of them besides their common interests. The meeting started with a sightseeing programme with the participation of the guests coming from 4 countries. Next day the members could get acquainted with the theoretical basis of the high voltage cable tests and finally they could see in practice at one of the substations of ELMŰ Budapest Electricity Works Co. Ltd., how the technical experts of Omexom Hungary Ltd. carry out a test on a high voltage cable system by the use of damped alternating current – on this occasion already more than a 100th time. The equipment used for the test was the computer controlled OWTS HV 150 that can be considered as a rarity even in Europe.


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