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E.ON prize for Omexom Magyarország Kft.

Omexom Magyarország Kft. continued down the path GA Magyarország Kft. has started. 

E.ON prize for Omexom Magyarország Kft.

In 2014, in the substation category, GA Magyarország Kft. won the “E.ON Work safety Award”, while it received a diploma in the “Service vendors - Substation suppliers - Over 50 million HUF” category at E.ON’s award presentation ceremony. This year, E.ON Hungária awarded the Supplier of the Year 2014/2015 prize to Omexom Magyarország Kft.


The diploma and the delicate glass column accompanying the honourable title was received on behalf of Omexom Magyarország Kft. by its managing director: Tamás Schachinger from Zsolt Zsedényi, member of the Board of Directors of E.ON Hungária and Béla Zoltán Fekecs, managing director of E.ON Gazdasági Szolgáltató Kft.


In 2015, E.ON Hungária awarded its top suppliers in 11 categories for the sixth time. Of the more than four thousand suppliers, E.ON selects its TOP vendors based on the continuous control of the quality of performance. In the course of the evaluation, the professionals of E.ON Hungária put great emphasis on exchanging experiences with partners in the fields of quality assurance, innovation and development.The employees of Omexom Magyarország Kft. are proud of having met E.ON Group’s above partner expectations and that E.ON Hungária awarded their expertise, innovative capabilities and reliability with the highest recognition in its category.


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