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Conference on the Szeged tram service celebrating

100 years of operation

Tram services in Szeged commenced operations on 1 October 1908. Looking back on the past 100 years and paying a tribute to the outstanding performance of the forefathers, the Szeged Transport Society commemorated the past 100 years with a highly prestigious event.

Conference on the Szeged tram service celebrating

Precisely a century after the start, selecting the best possible venue - the tram depot at Pulz Street - representatives of the city and the trade gathered to remember this veritably memorable anniversary on 1 October 2008. The two-day conference hosted a number of professional lectures, including surprises such as the unique and distinguished book on the first 100 years of the history of Szeged’s tram network. The presentations were the very evidence that the future of the Szeged trams is as firm as its past. the highlight of the opening day was the exhibition of the fully renovated 100 year old first tramway car of Szeged. It was a certainly touching première! Our colleagues happily participated at the event and hope there will be several more similar events in the future.


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