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Closing ceremony

The solemn completion... ...of a major development project. GA Magyarország Kft. implemented between 2008 - 2010 a complex and innovative investment and development project between 2008 - 2010.

Closing ceremony

The management and all employees of the company have every reason to be proud of the project, standing out as a milestone of the company’s history of operation in Hungary, going back 16 years. The official completion of the project was equally worthy of its magnitude and significance. On 16 August 2010, in the middle of the Salgóbánya pines of the Salgótarján region, the management and the employees of GA Magyarország Kft. who have contributed to the implementation of the project, celebrated with important dignitaries the official closure of the development programme. Present at the ceremony were Dr. Melinda Sztrémi MP, Mayor of Salgótarján City with County Authority, Deputy Mayor Gábor Fenyvesi, József Béres, Managing Director of ÉMÁSZ Hálózati Kft. and many others from the management, the regional partners of GA Magyarország Kft. and the press and the representatives of local television channels. Following the brief welcome speech by Managing Director Tamás Schachinger, the guests watched the short, albeit spectacular film on the development, which presented the results of the development during operational application. Following the solemn inauguration by the Mayor and the Managing Director of ÉMÁSZ Hálózati Kft., the guests had the opportunity to take a close look of the impressive technology exhibited, to talk to the company’s managers and managing officers and the trained personnel using the technology. The representative of the press and television also found a minute for some flash interviews: the Mayor of Salgótarján, Dr. Melinda Sztrémi appraised the importance of the development implemented in Salgótarján to ensure the development of the disadvantaged subregion and to sustain and create jobs. The ceremony was concluded at white clad tables, with friendly informal conversation. To finance its complex development programme, GA Magyarország Kft. successfully applied for the financing subsidy granted by the Republic of Hungary and the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan’s Economic Development Operational Programme, which significantly contributed to implementing such a significant innovation in the disadvantaged Salgótarján subregion. The technical equipment are available, the personnel of GA Magyarország Kft. are well prepared and the application of the new technologies has also started in the meantime.


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