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2nd Omexom - Partner Tennis Competition

OMEXOM Hungary Ltd. organized the 2nd Omexom - Partner Tennis Competition in June.

2nd Omexom - Partner Tennis Competition

The year 2016 brought several company birthdays: Omexom's 15th and GA's 100th. Therefore the participants and guests of the competition could not only see Omexom but also old GA flags and molines on the tennis courts. Although the date changed from the traditional 4th Sunday in May to the 1st Sunday in June the location remained unchanged: the Római Lidó near the Danube and the Tennis Academy's fields awaited the participants. This year 5 women, 16 men and 17 couples entered the race. There was no shortage of family members or visitors, more than 150 people went to see the games. The non-tennis enthusiasts could have a motorboat cruise on the Danube, or try their skills at the squash court of the Tennis Academy. Arts and crafts activities and face painting were organised for the children. The awards ceremony was as usually at the Csónakház Mulató (Boathouse Night club), followed by dinner and dancing. The successful event ended with friendly conversations and dancing well into the night.


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