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1st Omexom Technikforum

Nearly 200 prominent partners and customers participated in the first Omexom Technical Forum in Frankfurt, focusing on the new challenges of energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption.

1st Omexom Technikforum

During the two days of the event, an accompanying exhibition informed the participants about the latest and most innovative hardware and software solutions. Forum participants could learn interesting things from different approaches about digitization, possible ways of energy storage, excess capacity due to weather-dependent (photovoltaic and wind) power generation and its possible regulation, E-Mobility and flexible and effective smart networks. The lectures also had Hungarian relevance, as one high quality lecture, entitled "Smart Grid", was given by Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Knebel, who is on the board of directors of the ELMŰ / ÉMÁSZ Group. In the closing speech of the two-day event, Frank Westphal, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Deutschland, confirmed that Omexom, with its true engineering capabilities, is ready for new challenges in close cooperation with customers and partners.


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