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XIII. Railway Electrification Conference

Four people represented Omexom Hungary Ltd. at the Railway Electrification Conference in Harkány.

XIII. Railway Electrification Conference

The conference provided a wide range of opportunities for participants to get a direct overview of the current situation of the IKOP, CEF railway developments, the development plans of MÁV Zrt. And GYSEV Zrt., the state of the current developments, the national and international development results of the railway electrification field, and the experiences of the maintenance organizations. The conference provided opportunity to establish or strengthen the personal, multilateral and professional relationship between the investing, manufacturing, designing, developing and operating companies, as well as railway power electronics professionals. Omexom Hungary Ltd. not only participated but also presented at the conference. There was sizeable interest for our colleague, Róbert Egyed's lecture, titled: "Non-destructive Static Testing for the Effective Asset Management of the Overhead Contact Line and Public Lighting Columns", which he presented successfully.


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